What San Luis Obispo County residents should know about local transportation funding…

Sacramento is Broken – For years our local representatives have made a strong case in and to Sacramento to help fix our deteriorating infrastructure, but the fact is that it hasn’t worked and our road funds have dwindled. A new gas tax was recently passed and that may assist with some existing needed repairs, however, larger counties and special projects will likely continue to get a majority of the funds. Local involvement and education about this process is important, including what it means to be a “self-help” county.

Local Priorities and Accountability – San Luis Obispo is a unique county, a mix of rural, suburban and more urban. Any future countywide transportation funding plan can be locally managed plan and provide benefits to all parts of the county.

Local Control, Transparency and Accountability – While state and federal taxes go through Sacramento or Washington D.C., San Luis Obispo County residents should require that any future local plan raising money for street, road and transportation improvements remain in the county. Every dime.